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We offer full time childcare for ages 6 weeks through 24 months.


2 year olds

Our 2 year old program uses our own curriculum as the basis for learning. What looks like play time to the students is really structured learning. We use play centers, circle times and social interaction to help children learn and explore.


3 year olds

Our 3 year old program uses the Learning A to Z curriculum interjected with elements from Scholastic magazine. We begin the academic learning process in this program by teaching through play, centers, arts and crafts, circle time and experiments. This is a hands-on learning experience setting the foundation for a love of learning. 3 year olds are required to be fully potty trained to enter the program.


To enter our 3 year old program, your child must be 3 years old by September 30th.


4 year olds


Our 4 year old program uses the Learning A to Z curriculum, Heggerty, Scholastic Magazine and Handwriting Without Tears. This program is designed to challenge students to learn through play in centers, experimentation, circle time, multi-media and social interaction. Students are prepared in a transitional Kindergarten setting to prepare them for Kindergarten.


To enter our 4 year old program, your child must be 4 years old by September 30th.


Our Kindergarten program offers students a small class learning environment that allows them one-on-one instruction and freedom to ask questions and explore while learning.

Virginia Standards of Learning are followed assuring students are ready to transition to their next school, whether it be public or private. We use IXL program to assess students, and monitor progress all year long. Learning A to Z, Scholastic Magazine, and Heggerty are also part of our curriculum. Students go on 8-10 field trips throughout the year in order to get real world and hands on experiences. 


Math is taught through manipulatives, daily practice, calendar math and games.


Handwriting Without Tears is used to support handwriting skills.  Writing skills are supported through Writers Workshop Model and Words Their Way.


The Daily 5 strategies/Café is used to support writing skills. Literature is integrated in all areas of learning to foster a love of books and learning in our students.

To enter our Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old by September 30th.

Before & After School

Our after school program provides a structured environment where students who attend can mingle with friends and finish homework. Playground time, craft centers, game centers and book centers are a few of the activities students can choose to participate in while in after care.


We also provide care during teacher work days for a small additional fee. Preregistration is required and space is limited. 

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Program Schedules
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