Our Staff

Staff Qualifications
  • All of the staff are required to take between 15-30 hours of related training each year. We offer in house trainings as well to satisfy those requirements.

  • CPR/First Aid/MAT training

  • Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention Training

Staff members, first and foremost, provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children. They are to maintain positive relationships with the families- always keeping good lines of communication open.

Lead teachers are required to construct and implement weekly activities in accordance to the curriculum. They create these lesson plans to be adaptable to each child’s learning style. They are to communicate with families via the children’s folders and weekly emails letting the parents know what they did that week

Who is on Staff?

Director- Andrea May

Assistant Director- Donna Davis


Infant/Crawler Supervisor- Robin Perez

Waddler/Toddler Supervisor- Kelly Griffin

Receptionist- Carrie Jacobs

Resource Teacher- Jennifer Smith

Art Teacher- Janie Carter

PE Teacher- Reagan Stone

Instructional Coach- Andrea Williams 

Behavior Specialist- Kelly Guyot

Kindergarten Lead- Whitney Anderson 

Kindergarten TA- Jenn Dalton

Kindergarten Lead- Amy Tarrance

Kindergarten TA- Samantha Taplin


1st Grade Lead- Heidi Blevins 

1st Grade TA- Debbie Lee Johnson


2nd Grade Lead- Krista Gilmore 

2nd Grade TA- Tiffany Lee


Four Year Old Lead- Michelle Collins

Four Year Old TA- Leslie Fray

Four Year Old Lead- Kim Christenbury

Four Year Old TA- Megan Boucher

Three Year Old Lead- Lou Ann Leonard

Three Year Old TA- Nicole Smith

Three Year Old Lead- Shannon Sloane

Three Year Old TA- Gracie Benton

Two Year Old Lead- Rebecca Lichtneger 

Two Year Old Class Assistant- Patty Wills

Two Year Old TA's- Rachel Whitehorne, Ashley Caffee, Ryan Lesh, Megan Angel

Infant Lead- Nena Moody

Crawler Lead- Nikki Ortiz

Waddler Lead- Tara Logan

Toddler Lead- Joyce Hatch